Coal Gasification Power Plant

Syngas Power Plant

Coal Gasification Gasification Heat Supply System

Coal gasification system is a kind of advanced power generating system integrating coal gasification technology and efficient syngas engine, it includes coal syngasifier and purification (detarrer, cleaning equipment) and syngas power generator(syngas engine). Waste heat boiler and steam turbine may also be applied to make a gas-steam combined cycle power generating system.

Coal is converted to low-BTU syngas. Sulfur content, nitrogen oxides, dust are removed in the syngas purification section. The clean syngas is then fired to generate electricity into gas engine. Exhaust gas of engine may be used on waste heat boiler to produce hot water or steam, even used in lithium bromide chiller for cooling.

Coal gasification power generation system is a promising power generating system for its high power generating efficiency and environment friendly, efficient 500rpm~600rpm gas engine and clean syngas are combined in the power plant ranging from 1.0MW to 20MW, two-stage coal gasifier (1MW~3MW) is applied.

Comparing with other conventional power generating system, our coal gasification power generation system has these features:
1). Short project execution period. 
2). Lower investment (including equipment, land, civil work and installation).
3). Easy operation. 
4). Lower water consumption.
5). Lower operation and maintenance cost. Common technical workers are competent.
6). Less contaminants. 

Coal gasification power generation system flow diagram:


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