Biomass/Coal/Solid Waste Gasification Power Generation System

Biomass/Coal/Solid Waste Gasification Heat Supply System

System Concept
The biomass power generation system is a biomass energy plant used to convert solid biomass with low heating value into gas by gasification, and then uses the gases for power generation after purification processes such as dust removal and decoking. The compatible biomass materials include wastes of agriculture and forestry industries, organic wastes of daily life, and more.

Typical system application flow chart:

Energy Efficiency 
The production of 1 KW of power requires only 1.2~1.85kg of rice husks, wood dust or crop stalks as fuel. The water used in the cooling system of this process can be recycled after undergoing a water treatment and thereby having no harmful effects to the ecological system and the environment. Self power consumption of this systems is low as percentages ranging between 5~8% of the generated total power. 
This project is an ideal solution for regions where there are large quantities of biomass waste resources, farms, nearby forests etc. 

Typical energy converting efficiency:
Raw material               Feedstock input (kg) per kWh 
Saw dust                    1.3~1.5 kg/kW h 
woodchip                   1.2~1.5  kg/kW h 
Coconut fiber dust       1.5~2.0 kg/kW h 
straw                         1.6~1.8 kg/kW h 
Palm bunch                1.6~1.9 kg/kW h 
Rice husk                   1.6~1.8 kg/kW h 
Crop stalk                   1.6~1.8 kg/kW h 

In consideration of the above mentioned particulars, the feasibility of such power station will give a high ROI (Return of Investments) in a short period of time. The reasoning to this high ROI is due to the cost of the fuel being negligible – near ZERO(0), only labor, drying and grinding has to be considered. In most power stations with other kinds of fuels, fuel cost corresponds to approximately 60-75% of power selling price, in our case, there is a saving of approximately 70% compared with other forms of power stations. 
The technology of producing power by gasification of biomass is easy to operate, simple and economical in maintenance and service, has no high pressure steam, no turbines and is easy to start up and run the standard internal-combustion generator set. 

Construction of the Biomass Power Generation System
This system is mainly made up of the following three parts.
1. Biomass gasifier 
The biomass gasifier serves to convert solid biomass into gases. Through control the air supply into the gasification plant, the biomass undergoes incomplete combustion to achieve solid to gas conversion. Finally, combustible gases such as H2, CO, CH4, and CnHm are generated. 

2. Gas purification system 
The gases generated by the biomass power generation system have high temperature and contains major impurities such as the ash and the tar. So, they need cooling and purification before they are filled into the international combustion generating set. Generally speaking, they should be cooled down to 40℃ or below, and the impurity content should be controlled within 50mg/Nm3. 

3. Biomass electric generator (internal combustion engine generator) 
Inside the internal combustion engine, the fuel gas mixes with the air to generate energy which acts to drive the spindle rotate at a high speed. Then, the spindle drives the electric generator for power generation.
For improved performance, our biomass power generation systems never use turbine engines in the electric generator, and the installed engine typically runs at low speed to ensure long term stable operation. 

Why choose our gasification power generation system:
1. Our biomass power generation system has a series of characteristics, including small installed capacity, flexible construction, low investment, compact structure, low operational cost, as well as simple operation and maintenance. Also, it has low requirement on gas quality, and offers an effective method to make full use of various organic wastes.
2. We provide the best-quality biomass power generation system as the most professional and largest manufacturer for it among China.
3. We provide quality guarantee, reliable product, good after-service and technical supports, and customized service terms available based on contract.
4. Our biomass power generation system features material saving (25% lower than counterparts), and generates low temperature during operation.
5. The biomass power generation system is environmental friendly, and produces little noise or waste water pollution.
6. High automation degree maximally reduces labor intensity and labor cost.
7. With high safety, reliability and stability, the biomass power generation system is applicable to long term operation for continuous electricity generation. 

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