• Summary:    gases power generation
  • Application:    combustible gases power plant, biomass/coal/waste power plant
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Technical Specification


400 series gas engine is developed by our company together with Austria AVL Co, which can combust natural gas,high-calorific methane gas(CH4>40%) and low-calorific methane gas(CH4>25%). Up-to-date technologies are adopted on the engine, such as micro-combust for precombustion, CRDI and pre-mixing technology and so on to effectively decrease emissions,improve efficiency of power and homogeneity of mixed air/fuel. This series of engine is mainly used for large capacity power plant and coal mine power project.

Gas Engine Model  6L40/46T 12V40/46T
Bore                          mm 400 400
Stroke                       mm 460 460
Rated power              kWe 2520 5040
Rated speed         r/min 500 500
Mean effective pressure  MPa 1.74 1.74
Gas consumption   MJ/kWh         8.57 8.57
Lube oil                  g/kWh 0.6 0.6
Cooling method   Forced water cooling with heat exchanger
Layout dimension     mm     6833x1840x3063 7098x3723x4092
Dry Weight              tons 35 72

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