2600KW dual fuel genset(light diesel+Gas), dual fuel generator set, medium speed dual fuel genset

  • Summary:    30~5000KW Dual-Fuel Generator Set
  • Application:    Dual-Fuel, diesel and gas generator set, heavy fuel oil and gas generator set
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Technical Specification

What is dual-fuel
1. principle and technology process:

Dual-fuel genset means its engine can combust two types of fuel—diesel and gas. Gas is the main fuel and diesel is used for ignition for the mixed gas of air and gas inside of engine. A part of diesel is injected into the cylinder for ignition when compression stroke nearly finish, so the genset still keeps diesel engine operation mode.

2. Advantages of dual-fuel system
Traditional diesel engine is rebuilt into dual-fuel system which adopts natural gas as main fuel so as to lower operation cost for power generation. The system adopts technologies for taking advantage of natural gas, and controls its flow rate upon the engine speed and output.

3. Dual fuel benefits: 
-Burn cheaper natural gas in diesel engine
-Flexible and automatic adaptability as load demand
 -Easy transfer between pure diesel and dual-fuel mode.
-Reliable and stable power output
 -High efficiency, safe and low emission
 -Longer overhaul term, longer engine lifetime and lower maintenance cost

Light diesel, heavy fuel oil, natural gas.
Natural gas: CH4 content ≥70%;

Usual requirements of gas within one meter from engine:
gas pressure~10kPa(change≤1kPa/min), gas temperature 5~45℃, particulate size≤5μm, particulate content≤30mg/Nm3, water content≤40g/Nm3,total tar/dust content≤100mg/Nm3.
Gas flow rate meets the requirement of maximum power capacity of genset.

At ISO conditions(atmosphere pressure 100kPa, ambient temperature 25℃,RH 30%),the genset can output rated power within 24 hours, 90% load level is advised, 10% overload allowed within 1 hour.
Acceptable running condition ranges of the genset: ambient temperature -20℃~+40℃, RH<90%(20℃), altitude≤2000m.

-Eight-cylinder inline configuration engine
-Low speed, low abrasion, low running cost, less maintenance
-Continuous running, big reserve power
-Tough and reliable power, long lifetime
-Optimized with German MAN engine technology
-Manufactured by OEM of MAN engine

1. Main specification of genset
Item Description Unit Specification
1.1 Type  DF2600
1.2 Power Rating kW 2600
1.3 Rated voltage kV 0.4  0.69  6.3  10.5  11  13.8
1.4 Rated current A -
1.5 Power factor cosΦ 0.8(lagging)
1.6 Frequency  Hz 50/60
1.7 Rated speed r/min 625
1.8 Dimension(LxWxH) mm 10355×2768×3420
1.9 Net Weight  Tons 56
2. Main specification of engine
2.1 Type of engine  8L, diesel ignition,turbocharged
2.2 Stroke  4
2.3 Number of cylinders  8
2.4 Arrange of cylinders  Inline
2.5 Diameter of cylinder mm 320
2.6 Piston stroke mm 380
2.7 Rated speed r/min 625
2.8 Power Rating kW 2941
2.9 Fuel consumption at 100% load g/kWh 195 ±3%(when running with only diesel)
2.10 Fuel substitution rate  70% gas, 80% maximum
2.11 Starting method  Compressed air
2.12 Cooling method  Water cooling
2.13 Speed governing  Automatic
2.14 Mean effective pressure MPa 2.31
2.15 Rotation direction   Counter clockwise(from flywheel end)
2.16 Exhaust gas temp ℃ 580
2.17 Specific lube oil consumption g/kWh ~1
2.18 Noise dB(A) 104
3. Main specification of generator
3.1 Power Rating KVA 3250
3.2 Rated current A -
3.3 Rated voltage V 0.4  0.69  6.3  10.5  11  13.8
3.4 Power factor cosΦ 0.80(lagging)
3.5 Frequency Hz 50/60
3.6 Number of phase  3 phase
3.7 Protection Class  IP23
3.8 Insulation degree  F

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