30~4000kW Dual-Fuel Generator Set

  • Summary:    Dual-Fuel Generator Set
  • Application:    Dual-Fuel, diesel and gas generator set, heavy fuel oil and gas generator set
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Technical Specification

Dual-Fuel Generator Set

Diesel-Gas Generator Set

1. What is dual-fuel system
Dual-fuel genset means its engine can combust two types of fuel—diesel and gas. Gas is the main fuel and diesel is used for ignition for the mixed gas of air and gas inside of engine. A part of diesel is injected into the cylinder for ignition when compression stroke nearly finish, so the genset still keeps diesel engine operation mode.

2. Advantages of dual-fuel system
(Assume dual-fuel: diesel and natural gas)
Traditional diesel engine is rebuilt into dual-fuel system which adopts natural gas as main fuel so as to lower operation cost for power generation. 
The system adopts many technologies for taking advantage of natural gas, and controls its flow rate upon the engine speed and output. The dual-fuel rebuilding work needn’t any changes on the diesel engine’s internal parts, with the benefits as follows:
  Combust cheaper natural gas in diesel engine
  Economical power generation solution for low and high speed engine

  Flexible and smart fuel type

  Reliable and stable power output

  High efficiency, safe and low emission

  Longer overhaul term, longer engine lifetime and lower maintenance cost

  No loss of engine efficiency or output power.

  Pure diesel can work, well transfer between pure diesel and dual-fuel mode.


Does the engine need stop when switching between pure diesel mode and dual fuel mode?
No. This can come true while engine is running and power output won’t be interrupted, and it’s smooth and easy. Attention: engine started by diesel, and transferred to dual-fuel mode at rated power output. In case of lack of natural gas or in emergency, engine will react immediately upon the load and shut off the gas throttle automatically, then engine will be running at pure diesel mode. As soon as gas supply resumed, engine will work at dual fuel mode again.

Does the dual-fuel engine will cost more on maintenance?
No. The main parts of engine aren’t replaced, and the new parts added are all heavy-duty type, such as the magnetic valve’s maintenance term is 6000 hours. Meanwhile, gas fuel produces less carbide inside combustion chamber and turbocharger, which extends engine’s overhaul term.

Dual-Fuel Generator Set Powered by Cummins engine


Fuel type: Dual-Fuel (Diesel&Natural gas/Oil associated gas/Coalbed gas/LPG/Biogas)

Fuel switching: Auto

Power range: 30~2000KW,50/60Hz

Engine make: Cummins

Voltage: 0.4kV~13.8V

Application: oil drilling, power generation, etc.


-Flexible and automatic adaptability for load demand

-Low running cost, low emission, 

-Longer engine lifetime, 

-Longer maintenance interval

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